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If you suffer from tooth loss due to gum disease or traumatic injury, dentures are a simple, comfortable solution to restoring the appearance of your smile.

Dentures are a long-lasting solution to tooth loss as a result of periodontal disease, traumatic injury or tooth decay. Without dentures, people with multiple missing teeth may experience an inability to chew and bite properly, a sagging facial appearance or a shift in remaining teeth. Today's dentures are functional, comfortable and attractive. Similar in appearance to natural teeth, dentures can drastically improve one's smile and oral functioning.

A complete oral examination is the first step toward receiving dentures. During the exam, our dentists will inspect the gums and bone structure of the mouth to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Once our dentist has determined that dentures or partial dentures are the solution, he or she will take an impression of the gums that highlights every crevice and ridge to ensure the most comfortable denture fit possible.

Complete dentures are used to replace all the teeth in the lower or upper jaws. Partial dentures may be used to replace some teeth and are built around the patient's existing natural teeth. Both types of dentures require attention to dental hygiene once they are in the mouth to avoid irritation and serious medical complications. With proper care, most denture-wearers experience none of these effects.

Each evening, when the dentures are removed, the gums, palate and tongue should be gently brushed. The dentures themselves should also be brushed to remove any plaque or debris before soaking them in a cleansing solution. Although dentures are very durable, they should be cleaned over a towel or soft surface to avoid breakage.

Dentures should be comfortable, and most patients adjust to their new teeth quickly. Minor adjustments may be necessary to ensure the proper fit, but most people find they acclimate to wearing, speaking with and chewing with the dentures soon. Over time, wearing the dentures will become second nature and a major improvement in the patient's smile and quality of life.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and if we can be of service, or if you would like to request an appointment, please contact us by email.

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